"We could have loved each other, I was sure of that. But at what point in time, at what place in the world? Nowhere on earth, in any case, and at no point in the future."

Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins (via violentwavesofemotion)

"Her sad, voluptuous mouth, her enormous eyes, made her look as if she were startled by her own beauty."

Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins (via violentwavesofemotion)

"I think I fell in love with her, a little bit. Isn’t that dumb? But it was like I knew her. Like she was my oldest, dearest friend. The kind of person you can tell anything to, no matter how bad, and they’ll still love you, because they know you. I wanted to go with her. I wanted her to notice me. And then she stopped walking. Under the moon, she stopped. And looked at us. She looked at me. Maybe she was trying to tell me something; I don’t know. She probably didn’t even know I was there. But I’ll always love her. All my life."

Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 8: Worlds’ End (via wordsnquotes)

"What can I do with my happiness? How can I keep it, conceal it, bury it where I may never lose it? I want to kneel as it falls over me like rain, gather it up with lace and silk, and press it over myself again."

Anaïs Nin, Henry & June (via wordsnquotes)

"Whatever you may think of me
You know that there’ll never be
Someone who loves you more than I do."

— Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua de Annique, from Wonder (via violentwavesofemotion)

"Take a long walk.
Breathe deep.
Taste the air.
Keep your eyes open.
Try not to think.
Wet your lips with your tongue.
Tilt your head slightly into the wind…

Think to yourself how like the spreading roots
of a silver maple
are his hands."

Marcella Remund, “How to Practice Poetry”

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Fever 103° by Sylvia Plath

Fever 103° by Sylvia Plath

"I would like to watch you sleeping,
which may not happen.
I would like to watch you,
sleeping. I would like to sleep
with you, to enter
your sleep as its smooth dark wave
slides over my head."

— Margaret Atwood, from Variation On The Word Sleep (via violentwavesofemotion)

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I speak and I speak, but I don’t think they know,

the thoughts in my head are simply filled with woe.

They nod and nod, and say their okays,

but no one would care if I floated away.

So here I sit, and look towards the sky,






Leilah Ali, Things I Write At Witching Hour (via wordsnquotes)

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Just because I haven’t posted a random phone poem in a while.

Just because I haven’t posted a random phone poem in a while.